Predator Package Duration Rate

Full Day Hunt​ 1 on 1             (Sunrise till sunset)               $400/person/day
Includes: Meals, Lodging, Guides

Full Day Hunt 2 on 1             (Sunrise till sunset)               $350/person/day
Includes: Meals, Lodging, Guides

Guides and cooks work for tips

Choose from 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 packages. 1 on 1 means one hunter per guide and 2 on 1 means two hunters per guide. You must be a party of 2 hunters in order to book a 2 on 1 hunt. Wicked Outfitters will not pair you with another hunter.

About Predator Hunts

With predator numbers near an all-time high, Kansas is quickly becoming a favorite destination for die hard fur takers. With over 12,000 acres of prime habitat under our private management, Wicked Outfitters offers a unique opportunity for you to pursue the predator hunt of your dreams. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or looking for your first predator hunt we can cater a hunt to meet your needs.

In Southeast Kansas we have a variety of predators roaming our properties, including coyotes, bobcats, red and gray fox. Predator hunting during the off-season and in between guiding big game hunts is one of our favorite past-times. We offer guided hunts for these animals which involve strategic set ups and coaxing them with calls. Coyotes and foxes mostly fall victim to our calls, but occasionally, a bobcat may stalk-in to check out the situation. Be prepared for an adrenaline rush and fast shooting when any of these critters come charging in!

We offer guided predator hunts on a daily rate basis. A Wicked Outfitters predator hunt includes an overnight stay in our world class lodge, meals, along with transportation to and from the field. Daily rate hunts can be booked for 1 full day or multiple days in duration. We recommend more than one day to increase your odds. A typical day of predator hunting takes place from about 6 am to 11am and resumes after a lunch break until sunset. Face nets, gloves, and full camo are strongly recommended. Rifles are suggested for these hunts, since they are primarily conducted near large agriculture and CRP fields. Ranges could be anywhere from 40 to 300 yards, but shots usually average about 100 yards. Centerfire cartridges such as .223, .22-250, .243 or similar cartridges work very well.

Contact Clint Walker (816)918-4325 Whitney Fouts (913) 710-1293 wickedoutfitters@yahoo.com for additional information.