Our guides will take you to and from your hunting location.All of our hunters will have their choice of portable tree stand, ladder stands or heated box blinds. We have many locations to choose from on our properties for deer hunting.

At Wicked Outfitters we offer a variety of hunts including Whitetail, Turkey, Waterfowl, Quail, Pheasant, and Predator hunts. Our hunts are all inclusive and do not have hidden cost. We want all hunters that come to Wicked Outfitters to enter as costumers and leave as friends.

All hunts are on a first come first serve basis, with repeat clients getting first choice on hunt dates. We require 50% deposit to book your hunt, with balance due at the time of the hunt. Payment arrangements may be available, call for info. Clint Walker (816)918-4325 Whitney Fouts (913) 710-1293 wickedoutfitters@yahoo.com


Home Cooked meals
Indoor Bow Range
Rifle Range
Stands and Blinds
Transportation to and from hunting site
Field dressing or packing out game
Walk in freezer
Delivery to local meat locker or taxidermist


License and tags
Guns, Bows, Ammo, Tree stand safety harness ect
Personal items
There is no guarantee that you will harvest a deer


Wicked Outfitter manages over 15,000 acres of prime property. All of the property we manage on has wicked genetics. We plant several food plots all through out the property to not only keep the deer on the property but to keep the deer healthy. The most important thing to Wicked about management is understanding without having a healthy deer herd your will not see good genetics. The deer population on each piece of property is phonominal. Most of the tracks of property reaches out anywhere form 2 to 3 to 1 doe to buck ratio. Right before the close of every season we do huge doe management hunts to keep the numbers at the right place. If you need a little more proof check out our trail cam pics it speaks for itself. There are no Trophy fees for killing a Trophy Buck but there is a $1000.00 fee for killing a deer under 3 years old or under 130 inches.



Every year when spring hits and turkeys or sounding off in the timber we find our group scowering the property for signs of sheds or worse cases dead deer. Once the deer starts putting on head gear we start hanging cameras. It is our goal to put are clients on deer. With us having several cameras on every track of porperty throughout the season we increase the odds of putting our clients on a trophy whitetail. There are four major cycles througout the season and each cycle the deer are moving differently and with each cycle we are changing are scouting techniques to overcome the change.


The first cycle falls during the summer range which is the early season when the bucks are in the bachelor groups and are getting ready to sort out the pecking order before heading into there fall range. This is right before or during the muzzleloader season for Kansas which is a great time to find a buck in the open still feeding in the agriculture fields. We plan our strategy for this type of hunting to catch them coming from the bedding area to the food source.


The fall range has two distinctive cycles. The second cycle during the hunting season is the patterning of the fall to the rut. Once we have our bucks patterned it quickly becomes havick and the bucks are chasing all over the place. During this period of the cycle we find it better to hunt where there are alot of does and heavly traveled areas. Main reason we do this is because we are no longer hunting the bucks were hunting the does.

The third cycle of the season happens when the bucks are coming off the rut and are finding a food source to regain there strength. This cycle we find it better to hunt the heavily timbered areas mainly because it is during the Rifle season and the deer have already figured out to not come out into the open until dark.

Every single stand location that Wicked Outfitters has hung was done by strategic decision making from our scouting report. We take thermals, Wind, and stealthy entry and exits very seriously. We want your stand location to be one that we would hunt. We have box blinds, ground blinds, hang ons and ladderstands so which ever you feel compfortable hunting you have that option.